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Açıklaması şöyle
An InputIterator is an Iterator that can read from the pointed-to element. InputIterators only guarantee validity for single pass algorithms: once an InputIterator i has been incremented, all copies of its previous value may be invalidated.
STL içindeki InputIterator ve OutputIterator kullanan algoritmalar şunlar.

Okuma İşlemi
File, stream, network gibi bir yerden veri okumak i çin kullanılır.

Okuma işlemi sadece bir kere yapılabilir. Iterator ilerletilmese bile ikinci okuma işleminde aynı değeri okumayız.
"Input iterators can read elements only once"

Diğer İşlemler
Bu iterator dereference, equality, pre-increment ve post-increment işlemlerini destekler.

Input iterators can read elements in a sequence. They must provide the following operators - equality (==), inequality (!=), dereference (*), postfix & prefix increment (++) and the arrow operator (->). Input iterators may be used only sequentially. We are guaranteed that *it++ is valid, but incrementing an input iterator may invalidate all other iterators on that stream. As a result there is no guarantee that we can save the state of an input iterator and examine an element through that saved iterator

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